Ubuplan is an architectural studio founded in Thessaloniki by Thanos Oikonomou and Ilias Venesis in 2014. Since 2021 Daphne Papagora joined the scheme as a partner. Initial research is conducted through a buffer zone outlined by guidelines as compression and dispersal of fractals in way that form-generating is a comprehensive projection of stated factors. Architectural proposals express urban and landscape degradation as well as fragmented spaces in a way of restoring its potentials. These components constitute the architectural analysis as a path for further planning and design in a way that this indispensable procedure not only reveals but further generates individual spaces.


Thanos Oikonomou | Architect, AUTh
Diploma of Higher Education in Architecture,

University of Portsmouth U.K.

Daphne Papagora | Architect, AUTh
MSc Planning, Organization and Management of Transport Systems, AUTh

Ilias Venesis | Architect, AUTh
MLA Master in Landscape Architecture AUTh

ubuplan team