Azzan | Yemen

Considered of replacing obvious from nothing in a region of increased republican uncertainty, is a major fact to place a research center that develops the knowledge and help hint of another way of living of local residents.

When the pursuit against factors such:

-decreased interest in research and technology

- seemingly a barren place to create the center of biological diversity

- isolated place for installations

- low educational level of the indigenous population

- remote from networks and transport centers

Then in an ever growing technological level with increased penetration and dissemination needs that factors seems to be an oldest state of treatise and argue.

That means a level of thesis should take place in a numerous of new challenges related to the course of the biological hypostasis of the species and correlations that develop in an ever increasing interaction with the environment.

Architecture proposal subsume that theoretical thesis and regenerate a space translating dominant data of the landscape, the climate, the local culture to present a project of the “Center for biological diversity” in Yemen in the city of ‘Azzan. The form that produced our office supported by landscape analysis revealing the imitation of the shadows, reflections, the falling off colors, the erosion as the action of exogenic processes.

Keywords: stripes, shell, internallity, sustainable design.